Aside from The Studio as a photo & film studio, we also offer a diverse portfolio of studios and storage spaces for creatives. Looking for a new office, atelier or storage space? Take a look at the available spaces!


Whether you need photography, production, art direction, styling, lights, consultancy or all of the above, Metal operates as a creative studio to help you realize your vision. Check out our portfolio!


Press days, workshops, expos, showrooms, dinners, film screenings... at METAL, every possibility unfolds! Connect with us to receive a customized quotation that aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.
Please contact us for more information, or a tailored quotation.
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The Gallery

100m2 open and luminous atelier, dived in two spaces, on the 1st floor. The ceiling window is covered on the pictures but the curtains are gone now.

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The Studio

Surface: 220m2

+ White cyclorama wall (8.8m x 5.5m x 3m)

+ Make-up room

+ Daylight/dimmable

+ Kitchenette

+ Large Sectional gate

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The Kitchen

Surface: 90m2

+ Fully equipped kitchen

+ Bar

+ Daylight

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More Metal

Metal is open to all sorts of special requests like workshops, pop-ups, events, press days, editorials, exhibitions, long term renting or other ideas.

About Metal

What started as a photostudio to share organically, exploded into a platform for creatives to connect in real life.

You are more then welcome to check out the place anytime during the week from 10h till 14h.

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Sofie Coreynen

Irma Janssens
Studio Manager

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